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house is flexible, meaning that the family will be able to modify it according to its own needs without investing a lot of money. This project and will be environmentally friendly and will run with solar power. It will also be affordable and will count with innovative technology and infrastructure facilities accessible to people with reduced mobility (PMR´s). will contribute to the achievement of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals such as no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being; clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; sustainable cities and communities; and climate action. The urban proposal is composed by elements of different sizes: blocks, groups and building complexes, which are put together to make “in-between spaces” possible. Both occupied and empty spaces are regulated by a modular system, producing order in every part of the project. It is possible to say, that the proposal is conceived from smaller parts, which can be copied and assembled. This makes possible that can become an adaptable project to different contexts within the Colombian Pacific Region and territories with similar tropical conditions. This innovative social housing project aims to be used for relocating and improving the conditions of displaced people living in vulnerable areas suffering with the impacts of climate change: flooding risks, draughts, and especially those people who live in an area named “Jarillón” next to the Cauca River in Cali.

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¡Aprende hacer una cubierta verde con TUHOUSE!

En el proyecto TUHOUSE se desarrollaron huertos, que se componen de productos que se pueden utilizar para el consumo, así como para la venta de algunas especies y alimentos.