The Villa del Solar Decathlon 2019 will be an example of more sustainability and inclusion

The University of Valle will serve as the setting for the Villa del Solar Decathlon, where 13 prototypes of sustainable and inclusive housing will be built.

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The east side of the facilities of the Universidad del Valle, where the Technology Park will be built in the near future, will serve as a stage for the staging of the Villa Solar Decathlon, a space that in the second version for Latin America will present in competition 13 real-scale housing prototypes, which with the slogan “House for Everyone” will show the world more sustainable and inclusive designs.

Carlos Rodriguez, director for Latin America of the Solar Decathlon, explained that “through a partnership with the private company a solar farm will be built that will be an example of energy self-sustainability, with the installation of 130 panels 50 KVA will be generated, which in real terms could provide energy to 50 housing solutions, the event requires for the public lighting of its 4 hectares, approximately 26 KVA, which guarantees that it will not be necessary to consume energy from the local electricity grid.

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