The TUHOUSE team is made up of students and teachers of undergraduate Architecture, Social Communication and Journalism, Advertising Communication, Industrial Design and Environmental, Biomedical, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications, Industrial, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, USB and UAO.

The housing prototype that we propose for the Solar Decathlon is called TUHOUSE (Technically Unique House Using Solar Energy), whose acronym in Spanish means “Technically unique housing that uses Solar Energy”.

Based on the experience gained in the design, construction and operation of the prototype MIHOUSE built by the USB and UAO to participate in the Solar Decathlon Latin America & Caribbean 2015, TUHOUSE team aims to overcome in the SDLAC 2019 all aspects of the operation of the prototype MY HOUSE. For this, the project TUHOUSE innovates on 7 aspects:


Urban and Architectural Design:

Provides flexible housing solution, adaptable and bioclimatic with a productive space that allows you to generate income for their owners.


Energy Efficiency:

All homes use efficient appliances and solar panels.


Innovation in the construction process:

The structural design introduces a quick and clean construction process.


Water management:

Collects and uses rainwater, grey water reuse, allows savings in potable water consumption and has proper wastewater management.


Waste management:

Implement the differentiation of solid waste according to the Colombian Technical Guide GTC-24 (National Solid Waste Guide).


Architecture for all:

The house is suitable for five members, of which one is a person with reduced mobility (PRM).



Fulfill the parameters of the national government to achieve the Millennium Sustainable Development Agenda of 2030 and the requirements of the World Bank for certification of sustainable construction EDGE in terms of energy, water and energy embodied in the materials.