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From the Governorate and through the Solar Decathlon 2019 culture of inclusion in the training of new professionals will be promoted

The Solar Decathlon 2019 through a joint work between the academy and the public and private sectors seeks to revolutionize housing models, promoting innovation, inclusion and sustainability.

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Work Inclusion from the training of new professionals in an interdisciplinary way so that future designs and projects meet the necessary conditions of habitability for all people regardless of their physical condition, is one of the factors that will make a difference in the Solar Decathlon 2019, event led by the Valle del Cauca Governorate, which will bring together the culture of environmental sustainability and inclusion in the same space.

Jimena Toro Torres, Social Manager of Valle del Cauca, who leads the inclusion issues in the Valle del Cauca Governorate, said that, “today when a new home is delivered, families where one or more of its members have some type of physical disability, they must initiate a remodeling process, if it is of scarce resources it has to request subsidies, and unfortunately in the majority of the cases the impossibility of making structural changes causes a decrease of the quality of life inside the homes, generating dependence. “

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