Cali is once again the laboratory of the sustainable houses of the future with Solar Decathlon

Cali will be the epicenter of the academic competition in which the most environmentally friendly houses, sustainable homes, will be built.

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This Monday, November 18, will begin the assembly of the houses by the thirteen teams that were chosen to participate in the contest, which are composed of 19 universities from seven countries. The event will begin at 8:00 in the morning and will take place at the Meléndez Univalle campus.

This is the Solar Decathlon, an event promoted by the Department of Energy of the United States and in which higher education institutions propose strategies for the design and construction of homes in which materials and efficient systems are used in the use of water and energy.


Cali is once again the laboratory of the sustainable houses of the future with Solar Decathlon 1

The prototype of the Autonomous and San Buenaventura universities focuses on architectural flexibility, as the modules that make up the apartment are adjustable to the needs of those who inhabit it and allow the expansion of areas in certain spaces. The apartment, which will be built with prestressed concrete, is equipped with a solar energy system and equipment to reuse the gray waters of the washing machine, shower or sink for the discharge of toilets.

“One of the novelty things is that we include a green roof with garden capacity, which creates food security and independence for homeowners,” said Isabella Tello, coordinator of ‘Tuhouse’.

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