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Global and regional analysis

TUHOUSE is the prototype of sustainable social housing for people in the region of the Colombian Pacific and adapted for the disabled, proposed by the Universidad de San Buenaventura and the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente both located at Cali, for the Solar Decathlon Latin America & Caribbean 2019 contest – SDLAC 2019.


Cali urban context

The TUHOUSE project analyzes the urban context of the cities of Cali and Buenaventura, to propose an apartment-style housing that is flexible and progressive in its construction, which meets environmental, social, technical and economic characteristics of both cities. In the case of the city of Cali, there is a considered migratory number of people from the Pacific Colombian who come to the city and the vulnerability of the sectors where they are located, in order to create conditions for quality of life appropriate and adapted to the environmental system and public space. In the case of Buenaventura, considering its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, threats against a tsunami and conditions of being in a natural tropical rainforest ecosystem.